Afro Energy is here to provide green solutions to farmers wanting to install solar pumps in kenya for their water needs. Our solar pumps are highly efficient and are the most economical and reliable solution for all off-grid irrigation and water supply demands. Solar pumps are specially designed to be powered by solar panels alone, with no need for batteries, generators, mains power, petrol or diesel… So they do the job without the running costs.

Solar Pumps start pumping when the sun is shining – saving money & resources. When you purchase any of our quality solar pumps, will pay for themselves in around 2 years – or less. We carry a range of both Submersible & Surface mounted solar pumps, and our inventory has a complete range to meet each & every requirement.

Afro Energy has over one hundred pumps in our range. Including, screw and centrifugal pumps with a head up to 280 m. Also carry extensive range of AC pumps, Dirty water pumps, and specialty pumps. Please call or email for further information.